V-1 Buzz bomb (multiple)

V-1 rocket (museum of flight) 2441

Some examples of the dreaded Fieseler Fi 103 V-1, referred to as doodlebugs by Londoners during The Blitz. The United States also produced the Republic-Ford JB-2 Loon cruise missile (also known as the KGW and LTV-N-2) based on captured V-1s.

Fieseler Fi 103R Reichenberg; Flying Heritage Collection 2011

This is the manned version of the V-1

Fi 103R Reichenberg (FHC 2012) 4346

Flying Heritage Collection 2011

Flying Heritage Collection 2016

Fieseler Fi 103R Reichenberg; Olympic Flight Museum 2018

This is most likely a replica


Olympic Flight Museum 2016

Fieseler Fi 103 V-1; Flying Heritage Collection 2011

Buzz bomb (fhc 2011) 8086

Flying Heritage Collection 2012

Flying Heritage Collection 2016

V-1 Buzz Bomb; Museum of Flight 2010

Museum of Flight 2011

V-1 Buzz Bomb; PoF Chino 2018

V-1 Buzz bomb (Chino PoF 04-11-18) 6881

V-1 Buzz Bomb; Yanks/Chino 2018

V-1 Buzz Bomb; Smithsonian NASM 2015

V-1 Buzz bomb (NASM 2015) 3551

JB-2 Loon; Evergreen Aviation Museum 2015