Supermarine Spitfire (multiple)

Spitfire (FHC 2012) 4269

Supermarine Spitfire examples I have photographed, including the Mk 1, Mk Vb, Mk VIII, Mk IX (including a 2-seater), Mk XVI and the final F24 variant. These were taken at the Imperial War Museum at Duxford, and the RAF Museum in London were taken during visit to England in 2008. Flying examples were photographed during air shows at the Flying Heritage Collection in Everett, Wash. The Spitfire Mk XVI was at the Evergreen Aviation Museum, and a pair of Spitfire examples at the NMoUSAF.

Spitfire Mk.Vc A58-246; NMoUSAF 2018

Spitfire PR Mk.XI PA908; NMoUSAF 2018

Spitfire Mk I; RAF Museum London 2008

Spitfire Mk Vb; RAF Museum London 2008

Spitfire Mk. VII; Smithsonian NASM 2015

Spitfire LF Mk. IXe 6S-730116; Chino PoF 2018

Spitfire Mk IXc; Museum of Flight 2008

Museum of Flight; 2010

Spitfire Mk IX 2 seater; IWM Duxford 2008

Spitfire Mk IX “BZD”; IWM Duxford 2008

Spitfire Mk IX BZD (IWM Duxford 02-17-08) 6073

Spitfire Mk XIV; Palm Springs 2018

Spitfire Mk XVI; Evergreen Aviation Museum 2015

Spitfire F24; RAF Museum London 2008

Spitfire Mk IXe “JT-10”; Paine Field Aviation Day 2013

spitfire (aviation day 2013) 8922

Historic Flight Foundation airshow 2012

Flying Heritage Collection 2012

Paine Field 2016

Spitfire “DU-Z”; Flying Heritage Collection 2012

Spitfires JT-10 and DU-Z at FHC Battle of Britain; 2011