C-47 Skytrain-Dakota and DC-2/3 (multiple)

C-47 (3559)

C-47 examples at McChord AFB in Tacoma, at the Evergreen Aviation Museum in McMinnville, Ore., and a working service example I found parked outside its vintage hangar in Ephrata, Wash. The shots at McChord are lower resolution because they were processed back in 2007 … I do have the originals and may take a look at uploading larger files if these aren’t clear enough. The Museum of Flight and the Evergreen Aviation Museum had examples of the DC-2 civilian version, and a DC-3 is in the Smithsonian NASM. Two examples of the DC-2 and DC-3 aircraft have been photographed at the Museum of Flight. Another fine C-47 Skytrain example was photographed at the Pima Air&Space Museum in 2017.

C-47A; Evergreen Aviation Museum 2015

C-47 41-7723; Pima Air&Space Museum 2017

C-47; McChord AFB 2007

DC-3C 4538; Ephrata, Wash

DC-2; Museum of Flight Aviation Pavilion 2016

DC-2; Museum of Flight 2013

DC-2 (MoF 2013) 5074

DC-2 1368; Museum of Flight 2008

DC-3; Museum of Flight 2008

DC-3 (MoF 2011) 4083

DC-3A; Evergreen Aviation Museum 2015

DC-3; Smithsonian NASM 2015

DC-3 (NASM 2015) 3389

DC-3 Patton’s Ace in the Hole; Arlington WA 2016

DC-3 Pan American; HFF Paine Field 2016