B-25 Mitchell (multiple)

B-25 aviation day (2013) 8911

Some of the North American B-25 Mitchells I have photographed, including the only two B-25 examples displayed in the United Kingdom (RAF museum and IWM Duxford). The NMoUSAF has a nice display depicting Jimmy Doolittle discussing the mission with fellow Raiders as the plane is prepped on the deck of the USS Hornet. Other B-25s also represent the famed mission as well.

B-25D 43-3374; NMoUSAF 2018

B-25J 44-28866 Champaign Gal; Grimes Field 2018

B-25J 44-29366; RAF Museum London 2008

B-25J 44-30077 “Mouthy Mitchell” (Ruptured Duck); Pacific Air Museum 2014

B-25J 43-27712 “The Spirit Of Al Penn”; Pima Air&Space Museum 2017

B-25J 44-30823 “Pacific Prowler”; McChord AFB; 2008

B-25D 43-3634 “Yankee Warrior”; Detroit 2010

B-25 (Detroit 2010) 4284

B-25J Mitchell 44-30254; McChord 2016

Flying Heritage Collection 2011

Flying Heritage Collection 2012

FHC maintenance; 2016

B-25J 44-31032 “Problem Child”; March AFB 2018

B-25J 44-86791; Yanks Air Museum Chino 2018

B-25J 43-35972 “Maid in the Shade” at Paine Field; 2011

B-25D 43-3318 “Grumpy”; Paine Field 2011

Paine Field 2012

Aviation Day 2013

Aviation Day 2016

B-25D 41-29784 “Fertile Myrtle”; Patriots Point 2013

Charleston reunion (Oct 2013) 5368

This was part of the Doolittle Raiders exhibit on board the USS Yorktown.

B-25J 44-31171; Imperial War Museum Duxford 2008