N3N-3 Yellow Peril (multiple)

Naval Aircraft Factory N3N (U-H 2015) 2293

Naval Aircraft Factory N3N-3 trainers, including a land-based version of the “Yellow Peril” at the Evergreen Aviation Museum and a float-plane version at National Air & Space Museum’s Udvar Hazy facility. The Yanks Air Museum in Chino actually had examples of both versions. During an airshow at Paine Field I photographed an airworthy N3N-3, and then caught up with that same plane at an air show at the Olympic Air Museum. During the 2018 Arlington Fly-In there were two N3N-3 examples that I had not seen before.

N3N-3 2831; Evergreen Aviation Museum 2015

N3N-3 3022; NASM Udvar-Hazy facility 2015

N3N-3 4480; Yanks/Chino 2018

N3N-3 2827; Yanks/Chino 2018

N3N-3 1778; Arlington Fly-In 2018

N3N-3 2616; Arlington Fly-In 2018

N3N-3 2691; Paine Field 2016

Olympic Flight Museum