1/144th B-17G WIP

B-17 Ol Scrapiron 144th scale (Jan 2016) 7519

I saw a World War 2 Group Build going on in the hyperscale 1/144th forum, so I decided it was about time to glue a couple pieces of plastic together. My selection was the 1/144th B-17G from Academy Minicraft.

I was surprised at how finely molded the details of the kit are. However, the glass for the turrets and windscreen are painfully simplistic. In fact, the cockpit windscreen has to be installed when the fuselage halves go together and the fit is rather crude. The waist windows are just panel lines on the fuselage. I may go with painting light blue to represent the glass, but I’ll decide later.

I finished this on Jan 30, 2016, in time for the hyperscale group build. Everything is handpainted so I could set it in the markings of my grandfather’s B-17 Ol’ Scrapiron when he flew with the 447th BG at Rattlesden.

December 12, 2015

Started by cleaning up and assembling the wings. Then the tail wheel and cockpit glass were installed and the fuselage closed up, trapping the one-pieces horizontal stabilizers that slips through each half as they come together. The engine nacelles are a snug fit and merely in place without glue for the moment.

January 30, 2016

I pressed along at the last minute in order to finish it in time for the group build. Not my best effort (by far) and I am a little uncomfortable showing it with all its many (many!) flaws. I may or may not touch up the windows as the clear parts I did were pretty ham-fisted and several other windows aren’t even indicated. Finished or not, here she is with all her warts…