AH-1 Cobra (multiple)


Here are some photos I took of Bell UH-1 Cobra helicopters that may be used as reference images to help model builders. It’s pretty obvious the example at Fort Lewis has been a display-only example for a while with the gun turret removed and the windows blacked out, but hopefully it will be of some use assisting someone’s current WIP or inspiring a new project. The AH-1J Sea Cobra is from our visit to Patriots Point in Charleston, SC. The TAH-1P “Voodoo Venom” is part of the Olympic Flight Museum’s collection.

AH-1F Cobra 69-16416; March AFB 2018

AH-1 Cobra; Fort Lewis 2014

TAH-1P Cobra “Voodoo Venom”; Boeing Field 2011

Cobra Voodoo Venom (Seafair 2011) 5298

AH-1J Sea Cobra; Patriots Point 2013