T-28 Trojan (mutiple)

T-28 Trojan (Paine Field 2012) 1127

I photographed the flying T-28 Trojan examples during vintage air shows at Paine Field in 2012 and 2016. I had the opportunity to photograph another T-28 at the Pima Air&Space Museum in 2017. The Olympic Flight Museum displays a T-28 fuselage on a trailer for promotional purposes. I’ve also photographed other T-28s at Palm Springs and the NMoUSAF.

T-28B 138203; Palm Springs 2018

T-28C 140652; Paine Field 2012

T-28B 138263; Paine Field 2016

T-28 marked as 91539; Olympic Flight Museum

T-28C 140481; Pima Air&Space Museum 2017

T-28A 51-7500; Olympic Flight Museum 2017

JT-28A 49-1494; NMoUSAF 2018

T-28B 140048; NMoUSAF 2018