C-131 Samaritan (multiple)

C-131 Samaritan (Pima 03-23-17) 9445

Here are some photos I took Convair C-131 Samaritan examples on display at Pima, March AFB and the NMoUSAF. The NC-131H in Dayton is a very cool Total In-Flight Simulator (TIFS) vehicle extremely modified by Cornell/Calspan to train pilots for the B-1, X-40, Tacit Blue, Space Shuttle, B-2, YF-23 and C-17.

C-131D 54-2808; March AFB 2018

C-131F 141017; Pima Air&Space Museum 2017

NC-131H 53-7793 Calspan test vehicle; NMoUSAF 2018