C-119 Flying Boxcar (multiple)

C-119 Flying Boxcar (Pima 03-23-17) 9941

I photographed these Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar examples at Pima, March AFB and the NMoUSAF.

C-119G 10-906 (RCAF 22122); March AFB 2018

C-119C 49-0132; Pima 2017

C-119 Flying Boxcar (Pima 03-23-17) 9941

C-119J 51-8037; NMoUSAF 2018

This aircraft was specially modified for the mid-air retrieval of space capsules re-entering the atmosphere from orbit. On 19 August 1960, this aircraft made the world’s first mid-air recovery of a capsule returning from space when it “snagged” the parachute lowering the Discoverer 14 satellite.
C-119J Flying Boxcar (NMoUSAF  05-17-18) 1674