A-7 Corsair II (multiple)

A-7D (Pima 03-23-17) 9206

Several examples of the Vought A-7 Corsair II I hav photographed aboard the USS Yorktown at Patriots Point; Pima Air&Space Museum; and at the Evergreen Aviation Museum.

A-7D Corsair II 69230; Evergreen Aviation Museum 2015

A-7D Corsair II 69-6188; March AFB 2018

A-7D Corsair II (March AFB 04-11-18) 7740

A-7D Corsair II 70-0973; Pima Air&Space Museum 2017



A-7E Corsair II 159291; Patriots Point 2013

A-7E Corsair II 160713; Pima Air&Space Museum 2017