Boeing 307 Stratoliner

Boeing 307 Stratoliner (Udvar Hazy) 2806

The Boeing 307 Stratoliner (The Flying Fortress’ pressurized sister) at the National Air & Space Museum’s Udvar Hazy facility. I took these photos during our visit to Washington DC for the 447th BG reunion in October 2015. Using the basic wing of the early B-17, the Stratoliner was a pressurized passenger plane that was poised to dominate the commercial airline market before war broke out. The addition of a tail fillet proved so successful that it was adapted to the B-17 bomber line and became a recognizable feature from the E model onward.

Of course, our family certainly is proud of seeing the Stratoliner wearing her Pan American markings.

Boeing 307 Stratoliner at the Udvar Hazy facility; 2015