B-17G 44-85790 Lacey Lady

B-17 Lacey Lady (Salem 06-29-17) 9873

I was fortunate to enough to have a great talk with some key folks at the B-17 Alliance Group that is restoring the B-17G 44-85790 Lacey Lady back to airworthy status. This is a major undertaking that is still many years from being fulfilled, but dreams coming true are part of the plane’s history — dating back to 1947 when Art Lacey brought the surplus B-17 to the Northwest to mount above his gas pumps in Milwaukie, Ore., — the famed Bomber Gas Station. Here are some shots of the Lacey Lady I have added to my personal archives documenting the B-17s I have had the good fortune to see in person.

B-17G 44-85790 Lacey Lady; Salem, Ore., June 2017