B-17G 44-85784 Sally B

Just a few sample pics of the B-17G 44-85784 Sally B from my personal archives documenting the B-17s I have had the good fortune to see in person. The first time I was in Duxford (February 2008), she was tucked away from the public access being worked on and the only glimpse was between obstructions and other projects in the hangar. During my visit in June 2019 (during the 447th BG UK reunion) I gladly donated 20 Pounds for what they call a one-day membership for the chance to walk through her. I had a nice chat with the docent for the better part of a half-hour.

B-17G 44-85784 Sally B; Imperial War Museum Duxford 2019

Sally B under maintenance; Duxford 2008